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  2. thanx for the redirect ox_b, I can't find anything about this thing though, I think I'm just gonna tear the carb apart, take it to the shop and see if I can find a needle valve for it
  3. Im a new member, I hope someone can help me. I was just given a 50cc childs atv, electric start, the name on the side says Flash. I have no idea where or what kind of parts I could use on it, it runs good but, doesnt idle. I have tried adjusting or tuning the idle screw on the carb, but it acts like it needs a needle valve maybe. Does anyone know where I could find a manual or contact information for the company that built these generic atvs? I would really like to get it working right so I can teach my son on it, before I go out and pay for a known name new four wheeler for him, thanx for any help guys and girls

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