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  2. Hi everyone,I would like to have some input from knowledgeable guys in the ATV world. It would be my first ATV and I kind of narrowed it down to these two models, got the quotes but I can't make up my mind which one to buy. I like them both, but there are few details that make the difference.YAMAHA 2014 GRIZZLY 550 FI EPS vs HONDA TRX420 PG Few things that make the difference- -More power 550 ( Yamaha) vs 420 (Honda) cc - Higher ground clearance 11.8" (Yamaha) vs 9.1" (Honda) - Bigger fuel capacity 20L (Yamaha) vs 13.3L (Honda) - Lock differential Yes ( Yamaha) No ( Honda) - Quoted Price ( best I got for out the door) Yamaha about 1000 more expensive than Honda - Honda's known reliability vs Yamaha's second best ( I may be wrong here, this is just word of mouth from here and there) The fact Yamaha has a sealed variable v-belt for its Ultramatic transmission can be considered a disadvantage vs Honda's transmission ?There is one thing that I'm not sure about. They both have almost similar weight but different size engines, how do you think fuel consumption would be in one vs the other. This is about fuel capacity rather than saving on gas, if the gas consumption is about the same ( not sure here), that 13.3 L on Honda really bothers me.What else ? What's your opinion ?Thanks in advance to all that will post a reply to this.

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