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  2. Thanks for reply ended up being a bad cdi. Now I cant kill it with switch or handle bar switch. Not sure if it has anything to do with it but remote box was gone befor I got it. Could any one shed some light on what needs to ground out to kill motor? I thought it would be kill pin on cdi but with direct ground on it, it continues to run.
  3. Bought a 07 sunl 110atv from some one who got it at auction and couldn't get it to do any thing. I have no experience at atvs but i'am very mechanically capable so i figured id take a gamble and buy it for my daughter birthday. After a couple of broken wires i go it cranking again but no spark(with kill switch unplugged). After a bit I found the magneto (sorry if incorrect term)or pickup for timing trigger was in pieces. I bought a new stator for it to find that when i cranked it i could hear a tinging sound stator cover was cracked and pushing pickup into fly wheel. I replaced cover also.Not knowing what broke cover i also ran a dial indicator on fly wheel to make sure shaft wasn't bent. Now after all my research I'm at a dead end. I will tell you guys the info from my testing. Testing cdi plug (unplugged and off) between ground and pin timing trigger- 122 ohms ignition coil- 0.6 ohms kill switch- infinite ac ignition power- 340 ohms Also have good ground on connector too Testing cdi plug (while cranking unplugged) A/C ignition power- 36 volts ac timing trigger 0.7 volts ac Is there any way to test cdi or coil?Any help would be appreciated bought it for my daughter birth day on the 10th need to figure it out asap. Thanks to all in advance. Read more: 07 sunl 110 atv no spark need HELP ASAP Page1 - ATV Forums at ATV Rider Magazine

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