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  1. No Im not,but looks like the rite carb. Did raise the float but no luck.The only thing that made any diff.was drilling out the pilot jet, will idle but loads up. Tried a few stock pilot jets a bit larger but no better....
  2. Problem is not the flooding any more rebuilt the carb, now its lean as I said
  3. Hi all,sure hope someone can help. Have a 87 lt 4 wd, started running rich. Flooding after shut down and wouldn't idle. Rebuilt carb,was nice and clean inside. Now it starts fine but will not idle,too lean.will rev fine. Drilled out the pilot jet just to see if that would change things and it will idle,but loads up too much. Also played with the float.Tried different pilot jets but after a few still no good. Have just about given up. Was trying to find one of the after market carbs that will work. My intake side is 30mm. Anyone have any ideas ???? By the way I own a PWC sales and service co and spend a lot of time doing carbs....never had one like this !!

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