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  1. before the race....

    LOL that was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day.....but thanks!
  2. Steele Creek GNCC--NC

    oh and pete, if i remember correctly, i broke down--lost my clutch
  3. Steele Creek GNCC--NC

    it is a tough track....especially cause its so damn cold out too....
  4. ripppppppppppppppin it :)

    pretty narley eh?
  5. endurocross <3

    a little is an understatement, sir. LOL : )
  6. slingin dirt ;)

    LMAO!!! Don't feel bad, it happens to other dudes too
  7. ripppppppppppppppin it :)

    thanks, it was at the Unadilla GNCC race last year
  8. endurocross <3

    thanks i'm reallllllllllllly proud of it!!
  9. slingin dirt ;)

    quadnut------i'm no dude lmao.......chicks can sling dirt too :-D and thanks everone else
  10. IDR harescramble start

    LMAO yesssssssssss, she's a 400!!!
  11. Nick at IDR harescramble

    he can sling it good
  12. Muddy, smokey start at IDR harescramble

    do I look like Dorey? just keep swimming, just keep swimming...lmao
  13. ...IDR start again :)

    bahah, can you believe it did NOT blow that race?
  14. Me and my husbyyyy <33

    love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him!
  15. Me and Lara-Jill, Knobby Acres start

    thanks mellow