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  1. CT is a no-go today, found a tear in my gauge's hose... I did try gas directly in the chamber, and it did fire up for a moment. Im guessing (because I haven't done a compression test yet) that the issue is in the carb- a gray area for me.
  2. Going to do a compression test soon, what # should I be hoping for? I figure I'll do a dry one, then add some oil.
  3. Just want to add Ive tried -New gas -Tearing down and cleaning the carb -the plug is new and I have a nice blue spark -New fuel filter and lines -Verified electric choke operational
  4. Hello all, new here. At a total loss as to what this is... also, only ran on day 1 of having it! [ATTACH]1896[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1897[/ATTACH] There are no identifying markings that I can find. It ran great on day 1, sat for a few days. Now getting it started is a chore, and if it does fire up, its drivable for a few mins before giving up. I have very little engine experience outside of the 2.2/2.5 turbo mopars...Any help is appreciated

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