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  1. No, prob. thats what the internet is for, lol. As far as customer service, yes, I agree with you, that will always have customers coming back for more.
  2. Well, I just cancelled my order with Epic and ordered with LONESTAR. I even saved $225 by going with LONESTAR and used that extra money to purchase their 1 1/8" +2 chromoly steering stem and stem clamp. They assured me I would see the a-arms and stem in a week and even got custom powder coat color of my choice for free (a-arms). There is no comparison when it comes to customer service between EPIC and LONESTAR. Bobby @ LONESTAR will hook you up and will gladly answer all your questions.
  3. New here and already with some complaints lol. We ordered a set of A-arms from Epic for a yamaha 450 and a DS650 about 2.5 months ago and still have not seen them. I think this is ridiculous, dont you? I was told by Dean @ Epic that we should have them 3 weeks from date of purchase. The 3 weeks went by and was told that another 3 weeks before we would get them. Then they said another 2 weeks. Then they said another 2 weeks. We called EPIC 1 week ago and were told that BOTH the yamaha and the DS650 arms were going to arrive together and to not worry. Now Epic says the yamaha a-arms are going to be ready for pick up his friday 1/18/08 but they have not even satrted building the DS650 a-arms yet and that "MAYBE" they will start building them sometime next week or the next. I am very frustrated with this company and I think this is unsatisfactory. I cant believe I spent over $1600 in parts almost 3 months ago that I don't even have yet. So I told Alba (the store where I purchased the parts from) to find out if my DS650 a-arms were going to be built next week. I also told them that if they don't have them even started yet, then to cancel the order and order me some LONESTAR arms, since they do have them in stock. I cant believe I have missed some races because of a company that eventhough has my money already, has not delievered their product nor service. Sorry for the rant. I had to vent. I am just warning anybody that is thinking of ordering a-arms from EPIC and let them know what they will be facing. I think EPIC doesn't really care about loosing customers.

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