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  1. In my racing career I have seen many of my friends fallen and badly injured and that is why I am such a strong supporter of the Rider Down Foundation. I personnally had a friend who was paralized while racing and these people are angles on the ground. It is a non profilt organization dedicated to helping up downed riders of all walks of life. I incourage everyone to visit the website at RiderDown and help spread the word of this worthy foundation and what they do to keep us all riding.
  2. Hi I am a pro quad racer from colorado and I was woundering if there were any other hill climb racers on this site. I compete in both the CHCA Colorado Hill Climb Association as well as PPIHC the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. If you have never made it to one of these races you are missing out. Pikes Peak Is the ultimate race and one of the most beutiful places in the whole world. So I would like to invite anyone that is interested to check out the websites colorado hill climb association and PPIHC Home Page to find out more about the quads in Colorado. Who knows I might even see you at the races some day. Sincerely Brady Dimmick 2007 CHCA champion Pro Quad #12

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