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  1. Hi. Thanks. I tried to find reviews in Google, but most reviews about employees, delivery speed and customer service. But not about parts from BP Racing.
  2. Hi, Guys. Sorry for my English, I live in Ukrane, Kharkiv. I have Can Am Renegede 800, 2007, g1, mileage is 430 hours. Happened issue with chain in first cylinder. Mechanic opened engine and found problems with piston, rings, cylinder, etc. So engine need full rebuild. I found rebuild kit on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/06-10-Can-Am-Outlander-800-800R-Stock-Cylinder-Crank-Complete-Engine-Rebuild-Kit/253868930525?fits=Make%3ACan-Am&hash=item3b1bc475dd:g:NdMAAOSwew5a-bY9 Price is really good. For example original crankshaft costs $929.99. Here full kit costs $999. This kit made by BP Racing ATV Company. Here is their website https://bpracingatv.com/ But I can’t find reviews to their products. My mechanics didn’t used parts from BP Racing ATV before. And their parts not very popular in Ukraine. I’m afraid that I will spent money for this kit + delivery + pay to mechanic for a work and will need new engine rebuild after 100 hours. What is the quality of parts from BP Racing ATV? Is it have sence to buy this kit, or pay more and buy original parts? Maybe someone used this kits for rebuild engine. And have expirence of using this parts. What will your mind about quality of parts from BP Racing? Thanks for your answers.
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