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  2. Thanks man! Yeah definitely, 2XL is really the only polished ATV game in the android market right now. They have a couple good ones, but like you said, they're all about racing. This is more of an arcade game with that exploration and freedom of just taking your quad somewhere cool to do some crazy stuff. I was thinking of other body types as well, do you think people would want a utility/grizzly type one? If you or anyone would like to check it out i just released the first demo! It can be found here... TORQ Alpha Release Download or on the "NEWS" section of the website. There's not a whole lot to do yet, but the world is set-up for free roam and fun. Any feedback/ideas are greatly appreciated. I know the sound is horrible though.. I had better samples, but they weren't mine and i didn't have luck asking for the owners permission. On that note, If anyone has a nice sounding quad they'd like to hear in a game get ahold of me.
  3. hey, thanks! i do plan on releasing for iOS too, i just don't have one to build it to yet. I'm working on a pretty tight budget (my laptop screen is actually broken, it's just connected to the tv haha). But sooner or later i'm going to pick up an old iphone for just for that. and thanks for putting that vid up, followed your signature link, I didn'y realize i could just put the url ha. i was trying to make it WAY more complicated...
  4. hello everyone, sorry for barging into your forum like this but i could really use your opinion, hope this is the right section to ask? anyway, i'm developing an openworld ATV game, think the freeroam maps from all the ATV Offroad Fury games on PS2, but with challenges like from tony hawks pro skater 3.. in a nutshell It's called TORQ™ Challenge and right now it's android only, and in alpha stage. It still needs content, but the phisics and map are pretty solid along with about half of the rest. Before i go further i want to make sure the quad "feels" right. I need input from people who know what that should be. Not just my non-rider friends who are WAY to nice anyway. If you've got a little free time I'd really appreciate it if just a couple people could help me out. Plus you get a sneak peak of a new ATV game before anyone else! It's got independent controll for the rider and machine, AKA the way the consoles do it now. I tried to make this as accurate a simulation as possible, while pushing the upper limits of "reality" to make it a bit more intense and arcade-like(TPS3 is a big influence here) game. Thanks for taking a look guys, heres my website with screens/video and a more in depth look. http://www.torq.site and just a couple screenshots...

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