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  2. Hi all, New to the form but have gotten lots of information so it was time to sign up. I live in NJ and have 3 ATV's. one Suzuki 400 Eiger 4x4 and a Honda recon 250. Use them on my farm and take them into a sand pit by me and have a blast with them. I have my cousins Kawasaki Prairie 300 4x4. (I believe its a 2000?) It's been sitting for 3 years and he wanted to get it running for use on his horse farm to haul hay and feed during the winter. I'm having problems getting it to start. Here's what I done so far: Replaced fuel tank due to cracked top and leaking with used one. Replaced fuel lines from tank to shutoff and carb Replaced carb with new. Old one was corroded in the bowel. Replaced Battery Getting spark on plug but still will not turn over. I have sprayed starting fluid into carb but still will not even attempt to kick over. It just cranks. If I pull start, I feel good compression All suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Jeff

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