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  1. Well we got the Bruin fixed. Took the carburetor off and gave it a good cleaning. This has to be the most complicated carburetor I've ever seen outside a Rochester Quadrajet! I did not have a good feeling but after cleaning the jets it no longer cuts out and backfires under full throttle. Cleaning gummed up carburetors on stuff sitting around with 5 years of evaporated fuel seems to be hit or miss. Now onto the front end. Turns out the kingpin was the correct part, everything else was boogered up. Turned out the rotor and the caliper mounting bracket were bent from where the kingpin
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  3. Look at the red arrow. He says the hole in the caliper does not align with this hole.
  4. Here is a photo I captured from a YouTube video of a guy doing a brake job on his 350. Apparently the piece is the larger disc with holes in it behind the brake rotor.
  5. Hello! I don't own any ATVs but I am into everything else mechanical. The reason for my post is a co-worker who has a bunch of ATVs but is not mechanically inclined or like to post on forums has a 2004 Yamaha 350 Bruin that hasn't ran in a several years because of a mechanically issue. I told him I'd help him get it running. The float valve and jets probably need to be cleaned in the carburetor which shouldn't be a big deal. I have not seen it but here is the problem he describes. The piece that the caliper bolts to broke at some point. I don't know if this is a simple caliper bracke

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