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  2. Do I need all parts associated with that diaphragm or just the diaphragm assembly #32 in the picture?
  3. Can you give me more details on this, where it's located, what it does and where I can get it? Also how difficult to replace? Thanks.
  4. I have a 04 LTZ 400 I just picked up. It's completely stock as far as I know besides an upgraded k&n style air filter. I recently flushed all the fluids and cleaned the carb out as well as replacing the main jet o ring that was corroded and replaced the spark plug. The issue I'm having is that the bike starts right up and idles perfect and revs fine at any rpm when u hit the throttle but as soon as it's warm, if you hit the throttle quickly it will bog and sometimes die. If you gradually increase the throttle at a smooth rate it revs fine. What could be the issue?

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