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  1. Atv crazy

    Atv crazy

  2. Well thanks for your help i will post back if i figire something out.
  3. If i disconnect eather wire on the kill switch it wont even crank over i took the harness completely loose from everything and checked each wire all the wires are good all grounds are good but still same thing it starts great and runs till you let off starter button im at a loss any other ideas would be greatly appreciated
  4. I will try that and see what happens next thanks alot..
  5. After installing the new relay i thought maybe the switch so i bypassed the engin kill switch and starter button with jumper wires and a push button at the main harness plug where the kill/starter switch plugs into the main harness and it still does the same thing guess i will order the other relay and try that..
  6. So i got the starter relay today i put it on and still when you let off the starter button its like your hitting a kill switch..
  7. Thanks alot guys i really appreciate the help i will order one tonight and go from there will update one way or the other..
  8. I will check when i get home mine looked a little different then that i dont thank mine had a fuse in it but the main fuse off the battery is good.. Thanks will update later..
  9. I have a 1996 Kawasaki bayou 300 2x4 it starts right up Everytime but dies as soon as you let off the starter button if you hold the button it will stay running but don't want to burn starter up please help.. i have put a new battery in, new coil, new plug, replaced cdi, ignition switch, check and cleaned all connections and grounds..

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