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  1. Should I remove and clean the carb. Had one since 95 but never had to clean the carb on one. Got this one from my father in law she only got 900 miles , and that was just for farm use. Org tires and all. Want to make her my little ride.
  2. Thanks guys . I piddled with her a little today . Changed the plug , still the same.removed the air box noticed a lot of nasty in it , starts right up but the same. I noticed , I can cut it off and start it , it revs fine for a sec. (Every time) but then it starts sputtern.?
  3. Good after noon everyone, new here and really sure how to post anythang or get back to the topic I was lookn for so maybe u quad fans can help me out. I've got a 300 king quad that I really need info on. It's drivin me nuts . It starts and idles great but when I give it gas it spits and sputters. Anyone that could help me get lined out on this forum and my old quad u be a blessing .

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