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  1. ok thank you i will take cases of tomorrow and check for that thank you doyou have any pictures of this i cant see anything on that link ?
  2. i have fully removed the cable and the the thing doesn't move down and i have took the cable of and it still just knocks into reverse
  3. i also have messed on with the reverse cable that didn't do anything either
  4. hello guys i have another question my klf 220 jumps straight into reverse without turning the leaver this concerns me because i dont want to knock it down into revers when going at a decent speed any advice why this is doing this and how i can fix it ?
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  6. no fuel is fine its the engine its self seizes and locks up it will start for 30 seconds then the engine will just lock up and you can't pull it untill you loosen it with socket
  7. Hi Im having an issue with my kawasaki bayou klf 220ccThe problem i am coming across is that the quad will start for about 30 seconds then stop but after it has stopped the engine seizes up until i get a socket on to lossen it up again, It keeps doing this over and over again.Any advice would be appreciated. Sorry if i have done this wrong im new here

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