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  1. Ok, I feel like an idiot, but this is my first major work on this quad, how do I check the pick up coil?
  2. Thank you for the input, ill definitely check that first, I also noticed today a lack of power when pulling a trailer, I didn't replace the friction discs when i had the right side case off, and im regretting it now
  3. I didn't realize I could do that, ill be putting a video on here tomorrow when I get home from the fire station, thank you guys for all your help!!
  4. I think I need to let people hear it, outta so odd of a noise and again I dont know where to go from here Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. I haven't taken anything off the left side of the engine, maybe it's there somewhere, i used a feeler guage to set the valve clearance, so i think they're right
  6. No, can't locate where its coming from, when I replaced the timing chain I was very detail oriented when making sure the engine was at TDC, and I made sure the two marks on the timing chain sprocket were level with the cylinder head, just like the manual suggests, is there something else with the timing I could check? Thank toy for your response Josh Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. Hey guys, I just bought a 98 fourtrax that had an engine noise that was loud. I've had one of these quads before and it wasn't loud at all. The noise is coming from the engine, but I can't locate where. Ive replaced the timing chain, tensioner is working properly, replaced the top end, adjusted the valves properly, rebuilt the carb, lapped the valves, replaced the valve seats, checked the cam with a micrometer, but I haven't fixed the noise. The noise stays constant through all gears and all acceleration, nothing makes it worse or better. I've spent lots and lots of hours trying to fix this problem and have hit a dead end. Any suggestions or ideas to try would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!!!

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