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  1. I just did a check with a multimeter while it was running,14.2 to 14.6 running,then i slowly turned the bars just a enough to apply pressure and my voltage dropped to 12.7 volts,does anyone know the specs that the power steering uses voltage wise.......but as i said above if i keep it revved it won't stall....
  2. Thanks for your comment,Yea I put bumpers, pro armor and aluminum products skids,Elka shocks,ect,'s a few more and my other do I check my voltage regulator......
  3. My 2014 750 king quad stalls sometimes when I touch or turn the handlebars,the problem has gotten worse,my machine has 475 miles and is only trail ridden,I have a new factory battery and i have 14.2 volts when the quad is running and 13.3 on the battery when not running,also using a multimeter there is no change in volts when turning the bars until it does stall,If I pull the 40 amp power steering fuse it will not stall.......I've been told its the ECU,Hate to buy one if thats not the problem,but its kinda leaning towards that,,,,,need some opinions.