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  2. well, it is back together and ready for whatever they wish to do with it. I am very grateful for the help from this forum! The cough was due to the springs falling out of one of the coil wires, I believe. I replaced those pieces and it seems to idle and run very well.
  3. there is no adjustment on the timing other than the trigger gap. The mag can only be clocked one way, evidently. I clocked it so it appeared as this pic on Ron Wood's site. It now fires up and runs, although it has a significant "cough" every now and then that will kill the engine. Not really sure what's up with that yet. I am just glad it will start and rev.
  4. I think I figured out where I went wrong. When I replaced the starter clutch and gear, I clocked the mag in the wrong location. Can anyone show me or tell me where the pad should be with the lock bolt installed at TDC? The manual said about 10 degrees at most or something, but should the pad be forward or behind the trigger pad? I just took it apart again. the key is fine. Thanks for the reply!
  5. thanks for the reply, I am pretty certain it is TDC on compression/power stoke, all cam lobes are horizontal and opposing each other with all valves closed. Also, My leak down test would have dumped out the exhaust. I should add that I am a bit perplexed that the trigger coil pad is no where near the trigger coil while locked in place..
  6. I hate to be that guy that signs up only to ask for help, but I am at my wits end. I am working on a 2000 DS650 that quit running after the rider dumped the clutch repeatedly. I had to fix a few things to get where I am now, cranks but doesn't start. New starter clutch New CDI New coils New trigger coil set at .003 New spark plugs set at .026 New rectifier Verified TDC, used locking bolt and pulled cam cover to verify valve timing which seems good. While I had it locked at TDC, I did a compression leakdown test which showed a loss of only [email protected] Compression test shows about 112# Carb had clean gas, but pulled jet and blew through passages, all clear and clean All this thing does is spin. Nice, bluish/white spark at the plugs, added fuel through spark plug hole and used ether, both failed, not even a hiccup or fart, just keeps spinning. Someone please give me some ideas here before I pull out my gray hair?!

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