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  1. OK, Dave thanks so much for your advice I was able to get them adjusted and it helped a little bit with the compression but I didn't like the lack of power so I sold it and ended up buying a Kawasaki Bayou 400. Much MUCH better driving machine tons more power.
  2. I had very little power going up hills and taking off. But I used a better compression tester and found out it's really 90 so that's better but not good. So I'm trying to adjust the valves to see if that's the problem my first attempt at adjusting valves!! My biggest problem is finding out where TDC Top Dead Center is on the compression stroke. Any helpful hints? I see 2 marks on the fly wheel one is a line with a F over it and a few degrees past that is a plane line. Which do I use? Because I tried both and now the valves are much louder. So I'm not sure if I'm on the right stroke?
  3. Thanks Frank. I just check the compression on the piston and more bad news: It is only at around 40+ pounds I'm wondering what to do.
  4. Question when replacing the clutch do I replace the carrier assembly or the pressure plates??
  5. Hi Guys, I just got a new to me 98 Big bear 350 4x4 and it needed a starter clutch (one way bearing) so I replaced that. Got it running and painted up. Motor seems to run great but it's a dog getting started and don't want to go up hill without lots of down shifting. If on pavement with wheel turned it doesn't even want to take off. Might I need a new clutch?Thanks for help!

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