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  2. Yes thanks Dave for the reply, when I opened it up The keyway was missing, Looks like a Idiot put a rivet in near the damaged case to try and keep the guide in place. The lower guide fell out and wont stay on...I probably have to find a good left side engine case for it to function! The person I bought it from said he rebuilt the top end but now I'm afraid to open it up! YIKES!!!
  3. New member here...hey everyone,Well, here's my dilemma... I picked up this 1987 Yamaha warrior... [ didn't run ] hope I didn't get beat on this one.. anyway, the electric start didn't work so I'm in the process of putting in a new flywheel ... the woodruff key broke from the crankshaft.. in the process after taking the flywheel off I see that the plastic timing chain guide on the front side of the crank shaft has falling off... and looks like its a molded piece that it is made to fit in broke off somehow... my question is...is this guide vital to the timing chain?... i attached photos of what i saw when i opened up the side case. I am also changing out the stator while i have it open... I don't have spark yet..I changed out the solenoid, coil, ignition, regulator...and now the stator... hope it works ( to get spark ) but now I have this new issue... Any help on this matter would be highly appreciated...Thanks

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