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  1. One more question, I found a few places but anyone know where you can get: A arm bushings Swing arm bushings King Pin bearings and Tie rod ends for these 86 TRX250's? The front end is a tad bit wobbly and I want to have them all replaced. I found one place hat have them, but I'm not sure if they have the TRX250- they do list the TRX250X and R models though.
  2. Yeah, it's not a 250r it's a trx250 and really nice. I haven't ridden it yet, I want to make sure I know everything about it mechanically because I don't want to fry the clutch or anything else. I'm sure I'll find neutral, I used to have a 250 Big Red about 20 years ago and never remember having a problem with it- it's just been a while. Here's a photo of it.
  3. Thanks very much, this helps a lot. So, to be certain gear down is first, then up, up, up, up and neutral would be back down? I think I remember that now, it's been a while. Thanks again!
  4. I haven't rode in a very long time and a friend is selling me a 1985 TRX he obtained through family that is in pristine condition. I have a few questions since he can't find the manual- and sorry if I come off dumb or "noobish". 1) Gears- these are 5 speed right? 5 down and up is back to neutral? 2) 4 stroke 10-w30 for oil? How much? 3) spark gap? Thanks for your time.

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