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  2. Finally got a chance to tear into this thing again. I got a carb rebuild kit and just went ahead and rebuilt it. I needed a couple of orings and the kit wasn't much more for all of it. I also got a 115 main jet. A hotter plug and it seems to be running better. I ran it for about 10-15 minutes just putting around the yard and came back and it idled fine. I took the plug out and it still has some black carbon around the base of the plug but the tip looks pretty good. I still need to fine tune the pilot jet. So thanks for all the help and hopefully it holds up. I'm gonna take it down the road for a good trip and I guess that will tell me if I'm saved haha. Best regards!
  3. At first I thought it could be oil getting by. I took almost a whole quart out of it to get it at the correct fill line. So it was over filled by a quart, but the plug is dry. I also cranked the engine over for one minute and the top of the piston is dry. I have a hotter plug coming in the mail. I have ran it without the filter. i know it doesn't make sense. It's gotta be running too rich right now for sure because this evening I was messing with the pilot screw and it was burning my eyes.
  4. Brand new coil. I just ordered the parts I need for the OEM carb. I tested everything on the ign. System and tested good per the service manual. I'll be putting the other carb on probably on sun once all the parts get here. Thanks for the time. I'll follow up asap!
  5. Ok thanks man. still no go. I'm gonna keep tinkering but I'm pretty much lost at this point. Thanks for your help!
  6. Tried moving it up one notch then two then three. They are all doing the same thing. I can run for about five minutes and it starts fouling. I noticed when I hold the throttle consistent its hunting. The old carb was set on the very top of the needle. The new one was set in the middle. I need to get some new orings for the old carb and I'm going to try that one. The pilot circuit(the only jet that's adjustable) is for idle speed more or less right? I adjusted it to the service manual spec.
  7. Is it worth getting a carb rebuild kit for the old carb and try it again? It doesn't run very well. Also could the petcock be faulty letting it dump too much fuel into the carb? I have not tried a plug in a higher heat range. I will try that though
  8. This thing is kicking my @$$! So I've replaced the carb with a new one that was given to me by the owner. Looks like a Chinese cheap model? I'm not sure. It's a kimboline brand. I can get it to run for about 10-15 minutes and it fouls the plug bad enough to where I have to change it. I've adjusted the valves, changed coil( had the wrong manual and thought specs were out), adjusted carb, and am now totally lost. Is it worth rebuilding the old carb and trying it again? the compression is @ 150 dry and 170 wet. Book calls for 185 +/- 14.2. any help would be great. I have to get this thing back to owner by oct.1 for hunting season.

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