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  2. Finally gave up and took it to a dealer. They rebuilt the carb and all is well. Not sure what they found - cracked diaphragm? Inside of carb was clean as a whistle, not problems with jets being clogged....$175 and all set. Thanks for the advice, we will get it next time.
  3. Thanks for the ideas. Air filter ok. will check the choke and float this weekend. Will let you know!
  4. It gets used regularly - a couple of weekends each month. Prior to my work reviewed above, it started easily, would get going to 10-15mph, but then begin to sputter. If I backed off the accelerator, it would stop missing and run as regular, but at the lower RPM. thanks very much for you time on this.
  5. I have a 2002 King Quad 300 that has been a fantastic product until now. Starts well, idles well, upon acceleration, begins to run rough and won't to very high in RPM. I assumed fuel starvation or bad plug as the issue. New plug - no change. Have checked petcock valve which seems ok. Also checked pump, and thought that might be the issue. Called around looking for the replacement pump part, and local store suggested they were pretty reliable, and doubted that was the issue. Suggested a carb cleaning. Took the easy way out, and opened up the top of the carb, removed the diaphragm, and put some Seafoam in...and let it sit for an hour. Upon turning over, it wouldn't fire at all. After a couple of tries, seemed to get a hydraulic lock. So, pulled plug and turned over, spitting out a lot of fluid. Re-installed plug, same response. Now, getting gas leakage on to floor but haven't been able to trace it down exactly (suspect from carb but not from top where I re-installed the diaphragm). Any ideas? Thanks.

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