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  2. No there is no compression release and it won’t turn over with spark plug out
  3. Spark plug was in. I took it out and use a light to look In to see if there was anything. I took the cover off the air valve and it moves fine but haven’t taken off the exhaust valve cover yet
  4. Ok so I was cranking over my 98 Timberwolf and on the sixth pull it stopped won’t turn so I pulled crank cover off and tried turning it by han still won’t move so I tried turning it backwards and it moved piston went down back up and stopped again won’t move so turned it forward and piston goes down comes back up and stops. Can anyone tell me what could be causing this issue I don’t want to go buying something I don’t need.
  5. Hi I'm trying to find a replacement rubber boots from carb to air box but having no luck can anyone please tell me if a different year timberwolf or a 4x4 timberwolf will be the same?

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