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  2. yes its working fine all i did was shut off the gas before i took the carb off and lines are on right gas came out them before
  3. no gas does not come out the lines when i take them off the carb at all gas did come out before i shut off the gas and rebuilt the carb now nothing comes out the lines
  4. hey i got a 1994 suzuki 250 quard runner 4x4 i rebuilt the carb on it as it was not running right shut off the gas and when i put it all back together i turned on the gas and nothing comes out any of the lines there is no prime on the gas shut off just gas on off and reserve gas came out the two main line before i turned it off i looked over everything and cant seem to fined why gas wont come out i know it takes the gas when its running but will never run if cant get gas to even come out the lines any help would be good thanks

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