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  2. After trying some troubleshooting it turns out that it needed to be primed (I basically just put something over the intake and pulled the starter a few times), and now it starts every time.
  3. I know that gas is getting into the carb (The bowl was full) and the pin wasn't stuck, so what else could it be?
  4. Also, I probably should mention that it stopped working on a day that it was cold (the day it was working it was much warmer). Could it just not like the cold?
  5. Ok, I'll try that. What should I do if this doesn't solve the problem?
  6. I'm about 95% sure that nothing has got in there so far. I flushed the gas tank and cleaned the lines, and nothing has got in there since I got it. It *should* be clean, unless it came clogged. So is there anything else there could be?
  7. Already checked, it had nothing in it (other than gas) and was completely clean.
  8. The carb is getting gas (Replaced petcock with a little gas in tank), and it is brand new. Already made sure the float wasn't stuck, but not the jets.
  9. It was running well one day, and then the next it just wouldn't start (It has been very cold while trying to start it). I checked spark, it was meh, so I replaced it. After that it got blue spark. Still won't start. Cleaned out the carb (It was quite bad), still wouldn't start. Bought a new carb, put it on, still won't start. Gas is getting to the carb and the plug is dry. It's got compression (Not measured, just put hand in front of exhaust), spark, and gas. It'll start for a second it I put gas in the plug hole, but then I'm back to a dry plug. Any ideas on why it won't start?

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