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  2. I got the Bayou cranking again, after some testing turns out the relay was bad. I was able to pick one up at the local Napa auto parts for $12.99. It's a basic relay they use it on Toyota transmissions and somewhere on Subaru's. Thanks for all the help Frank Regards Paul
  3. Hey Frank, I jumped power to the black wire on the solenoid and the motor cranked and ran, so that rules out the solenoid. The green wire on the relay is grounded and the brown has power. I think that takes us to the neutral safety switch or the start button. Where is the neutral safety switch? Tomorrow I'll test the wires coming from the start button. Thanks for the help.
  4. I familiar with using a test light and tester. The solenoid has three wires on it, black, yellow and I believe red. My thinking was the red is positive, black is ground and yellow would trigger the solenoid. That didn't work. There is another electrical widget with a rubber cover on it. I'm thinking it's a relay, but without wiring diagram I'm guessing. Are you familiar with the part?
  5. I checked the fuse, replaced it to be sure. The neutral light is illuminated when the key is on, the reverse and headlights also work.
  6. I picked up a 99 bayou 220 a couple years ago for cheap, put it back together as a beater for my son. He rides the hell out of it. A couple weeks ago it won't crank, push the button it does nothing. He's been pull starting it. I can jump across the two large terminals on the solenoid, basically going straight to the starter, and it starts fine. How do I test the solenoid? There are only 3 wires, 1 hot, 1 ground, I thought the last one was the trigger but apparently not. Any ideas? Thanks

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