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  2. LOL Better late than never. About like folks waiting on their IRS Refund checks...LOL To be honest, I had forgotten about the post and thought, man LOL, I need to send the pic and renew the thread. Your son will have a blast n it unless he gets into 4 wheelers like most do. Cheers.
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    "That's what I want to Know"....."What Happened!"
  4. No I'm not collecting as such, just have 4 kids and we like the tri-z. We have 3 85's plus a parts bike that runs like the devil but looks like the devil too and a ytm175. I was really wanting an 86 but that's a nice looking 85. I beleive we're the only people in the area that have tri-z's...everyone else is honda. And I'm not to keen on repairs that why I'm trying to find one that's ready to go and needs nothing but a rider. Dont roll it out just yet til I get a shipping quote....may cost to much toship with fuel up like it is. If you know anyone with a good 86 you could pass my name on to them but I'm still interested in yours because I have a friend who's looking and I may sell him one of mine. Thaks sheeptender
  5. The zip you gave... is that in or near a large city? Thanks sheeptender
  6. Sounds good. Won't need crating. If you could roll it outside and send me a 3 or 4 pics of it with more light to [email protected] I would be very grateful. Just had one ship from LA and one from Oregon but gas has gone up so I've got to check shipping. Is it hard to post a pic of my Tri-z on the site? I haven't read on the info of how to do that but I will. This one definitely is a 86 with a six speed isn't it. That's what I'm really looking for. Like to have a yellow 86 but heard they didnt make it yellow in that year. Thanks sheeptender
  7. To fine tune it will I have to change out the jets or just adjust the mixture screws. I have another Z but I'm not much on changing jets to fine tune it. What city are you in so I can check on shipping. Thanks
  8. What was wrong with the other carb and does it come with it? Thanks
  9. Can you jet it there to run and it will probably be fine here. Just so she runs out smooth without smuttering and bogging. What area are you in so I can check on shipping? Thanks
  10. Yes I can get it shipped. Can you email me at [email protected] withj a selling price and list of any thing wrong with the bike? Thanks
  11. Have you sold the Tri-z? If not could you email me at [email protected] Thanks sheeptender

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