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  2. What year did yamaha start whit the variator they use on the new models?i have found a used 550 2015.anything bad about these models?
  3. The 2018 450 is now kodiak.and NO difflock😨 im not buing one whitout.i have found a new 2017 450grizzly no 3headlight..but difflock..about 2000euro more i get 700kodiak 2018.but 2000 is many houers at work😳..f...k i dont know what to do
  4. Ok thanx im just afraid to regret if i go for the 450.how about the durabilyti will the 700 live as long as the 450?
  5. How about to go for a grizzly 450 instead of kodiak 700?is the 450 mutch slower?im to old for riding on adrenalin
  6. Tanx.i think it will be the kodiak..but how are the fuel economy in a 700 vs 450.the 450grizzly are also cheaper to buy.but is it slow against the 700
  7. Hi im new here and new to atvs but i do know its a yamaha im going to buy.the question are should i go for the kodiak 700 or the grizzly700 both new 2017-2018.the grizzly are about 2500euro expensiver but is it worth it?im going to do some firewood logging and ride on trails for fun.no extreem offroad.please help me out

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