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  1. Please help .....bayou 300

    It was bought not running,,I was told the cdi was bad..I installed a new one with no luck...so I threw a new stator,pick up coil, ,and rectifier, ,,still no spark while turning the engine over only when I turn the key on and off...I installed a gm module and it fired up ...only I can rev it due to no timing advance in that module...I am lost ...
  2. Please help .....bayou 300

    Hi all,, I have a bayou 300 and my problem is it only fires when I turn the key on ,the motor is not being turned over,,,turn key off,,then turn key on and it sparks, ,,,?,,, I installed new stator,pickup coil,cdi ,and rectifier, ,,,any help would be very appreciated. ......