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  1. Warrior 350

    Warrior 350

  2. Well got it figured out they had the wrong reverse switch in it took one off my other warrior parts motor and fixed it now to tune carb and it's all good VID_20180307_143737.mp4
  3. Ya getting ready to check it all out and see y it don't go in reverse
  4. Nope just reverse as soon as I put it in it dies
  5. Ok got it running but issue is the reverse and neutral light are on at the same time and when I try to put it in reverse it dies and no reverse at all on it got a spare motor I was going to swap but wanted some input first
  6. And another thing I noticed when the key is off it's easy to pull but turn it on and it's harder like there is resistance
  7. It's a 1987 from what I hear they are a pain in the but
  8. Yes it's oem works good if key is off can't find any other for it cause it is a 87 only model it's all oem key stator and cdi
  9. Ok guys I replaced stator cdi and key switch with oem key switch and still only gets fire with key in off position
  10. Ya I had my buddy test everything else on it and put the cdi on his and his didn't have any spark either so figured it was shot his works and I get spark but he rides his often so can't take his lol
  11. On changed stator and keyswitch with a oem one and still no spark and can't find a cdi for my 87 warrior any input guys and can a cdi be tested
  12. The guy I got it from had hacked the wiring harness at the stator thus why I bought a harness and new cdi and stator
  13. I appreciate the help guys I ordered new parts just waiting on them to get here someone before hacked the wiring harness so I bought different one along with a factory ignition stator and cdi hoping I can get it going
  14. Thank I'm replacing the harness cdi stator coil and regulator a buddy has a parts warrior so gonna try that

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