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  2. Just giving you guys an update not many people on here seem to update on when they have found the problem so I Sent it off to the mechanic he did a compression test and nothing he said straight away it will be your valves or rings he's started work turns out a valve had dropped and the piston has bent it so he's on with fitting a new one trying to get it sorted for me tomorrow fingers crossed that's all it is what a nightmare !! Can't wait to get back onit
  3. New spark plug still nothing can't get my head around it there's a bare wire hanging out if the wiring loom don't no what from will hve to split the loom to find it but all I can think is maybe it's touched the frame and shorted something I am completely lost if that isn't the case I'm sending it off to a mechanic better empty the money box 😏
  4. Did u ever sort this I'm having same problem but can't find no answers ???
  5. Did u ever sort this problem I'm having the exact same with mine
  6. Right still no better not starting I turned it over without the spark plug little puff of smoke came out did it a couple of little times nothing stripped the carb checked the float valve everything's good I have no idea I videoed it if I can upload it can anybody help IMG_0494.MOV
  7. I’ve ordered a new one anyway was hoping that would solve it I will pull the plug and let it spin for a little tomorrow then try again with the plug in suppose I’m gonnna have to strip the carb as well not looking forward to that I did it once with a yz125 I had and messed all the jetting up lets hope it’s just the float sticking Thanks for all the help Dave
  8. Think I may have found the problem as I was about to strip it down i noticed the petcock isn't working when the fuels off it's still on. Constantly on I filled the tank 5 minutes before I broke down I think when I have filled it the pressure of the full tank has caused the petcock to fail as it's been in storage for a while since before I bought the quad the quad was sat for 5'mins then when I have drove it 2 minutes later it cut out I think it had flooded itself im ordering a new one tonight then hopefully problem solved just how do I go about clearing the engine now if it's flooded just try turning it over a few times with no fuel ???
  9. Thanks davefrombc I will try that and let you no The starter is roping the enngine over ever so slightly just getting slight little juggers and little puff out the exauhst but nothing like it should and sorry about posting it multiple times new to this site didn't really no what I was doing
  10. Hi guys new to this had a few mx bikes in the past and always fancied a quad so bought myself a 2004 ltz 400 bored out to a 450 only bought it last week and 1st time on it yesterday so everything was running smooth was just getting used to driving it on the road was out for maybe an hour not thrashing it just taking my time then all of a sudden started sort of bogging lost all power and cut out I don’t have a clue what it is tried starting it but nothing the starters going and every couple of seconds get like all I can describe is like a compression stroke the petcock was set on prime and I didn’t notice whilst riding I don’t no weather I may have flooded the engine I have took the spark plug out tested it it sparks great no problem I took the carb off nothing give it a quick looking over nothing seems to be wrong with that although when I put the choke on and try start fuel comes out of the over flow the air filter was soaking with petrol any help would be great please guys my 1st day on the quad has not been good

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