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  1. Thanks for the reply! Just so I know we are on the same page because I’m not sure if I explained it as well as I could have. I would crank it over for just a second and take the stator cover back off to find that the starter clutch would no longer freespin counterclockwise, it would have a lot of resistance and turn the stator (and the crank) with it the same as spinning it clockwise. I then hold the stator in place and turn the starter clutch and eventually it will freespin again counterclockwise and turn the crank going clockwise (as it should I believe.) I put the cover back on and repeat with the same results every time.
  2. Hello! New to the forum and I have an issue with my project quad and I’d like to see if anyone here has any insight on how to narrow down the exact problem as I don’t have the money to just replace and test. I purchased the engine from someone and went ahead and replaced the top end with new pistons, rings, cylinder jug, and gaskets. It also has a hot cam so I don’t think the decompression valve is an issue. The quad turns over too slow (I think) to fire up which upon further inspection and research I discovered that the starter idler gear is supposed to free spin one way and not turn the other way, which it did not. So I took the stator cover off and messed with the starter clutch until it would freespin counter clockwise as it is supposed to, before it was acting like it was seized to the stator. After putting everything back together and turning it over I discovered that whenever the starter spins it locks back up again every time I fix it. Is this the one way clutch bearing, starter clutch, or something I am overlooking? Sorry for the long post I just feel like more info provided, the easier the diagnosis. Thanks for your time!

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