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  2. It could've that,I have no idea. When I physically move the wheel to find TDC there is the one spot while turning it that it wants to.spring ahead. That is where the TDC mark is thus it won't stay on the mark. I was thinking maybe it was because the valves were to tight on the exhaust side but I loosened that side right off and it still does it.
  3. Not yet no one has replied. Very strange .
  4. Hi, I'm new here and after reading many posts there seems to be knowledgeable people here. I wanted to adjust the valves in 2004 kodiak 400 4x4. i tried to line the "T" line up for top dead centre but it won't stay there. What the problem is that when I move the wheel to line it up it simply moves about 1" to the left off the mark. It's like it springs off. I took the spark plug out thinking maybe it was because of compression but that did not help. Has anyone else had this trouble lining up the straight line beside the "T" on the flywheel? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John

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