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  1. you guys dont get it, the trails are geting tax money that we all pay and then charge out of state more. im not saying that 50 is to much or to little, its the fact that i payed the same tax if not more than some in wv and they charge me more.
  2. you are right about the trails and like i said i have nothing agaist the trail or the people that run it , what bothers me is you take my tax dollar and charge me more. it is not the same as hunting and fishing, that is state money not fed. i want to be clear that i am not trying to put down your trails, i liked every bit of it
  3. first let me say that i like the trails and the people that run the trails, this is not a slam or any other put down on eather of them. burning rock get tax money from the federal goverment in the form of grants. this grants or for the trails and buildings. anbody that payed taxs to the federal goverment, this is your money. they also get money from the west virginia tourism commission.this money is to be spent for advertising only. snow shoe, new river gorge, timberline four sesons resort, and many more get this same money and they do not charge out of state rates. if you would like the complet list letme know and ill send you the page. they keep saying that hunting and fishing cost more for out of state, lets look at this. wv tax payer pay for game wardens, trucks, boats, boat landing, right of ways, land, buildings, biologist,ect. there for out of state should be more. now if somebody can give a GOOD reson for this unfair rates i would love to hear it. i have not heared for the US goverment about the grants that burning rock received but i am waiting for them to email me and ill let you know what i find out. it is not right that they take all of our tax money for the trails than charge some of us more. let me say again that i like the trails(only be 1 time) and the people, this is nothing against any of you.
  4. lets all boycott burning rock atv park untill they tell use why out of state cost more than in state. they told me they looked at hatfield and mccoy and theres is that way, and i told them that hatfield and mccoy get state tax money for there trails there for out of state should pay more becouse we do not pay the tax to start with. burning rock get there money from federal taxs that we all pay so there for we should all pay the same to ride. i hope that we can get them to lower there price becouse i like the trails and the people at the trailhead but for the money (if you have never been here) go to hatfeild and mccoy, they have a lot more trails, places to stay, and eat. they cost less to for out of state- $50.00 per year wit over 400 miles of trails and more comeing this year. burning rock cost $60.00 for out of state and there are not many places to stay and no where to eat, they have less than 100 miles of trails.

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