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  1. The thumb throttle on my kids lt50 is abit wobbly and loose when applying the throttle, does anyone know If it can be tighten or do I need a new throttle case? If I need a new one is it easy to fit?
  2. Thanks dave I appreciate your help I wanted a genuine suzuki as I had one when I was a kid and loved it. At least the engine is definately suzuki, the frame from what I can see from comparing photos and research online looks identical. I've just noticed aswell my bike has not got 'suzuki' written on the throttle case, it's is however identical to the suzuki cover (minus the suzuki branding)
  3. Thanks Dave, would I need to be concerned if the bike has a linmax frame, are there are real differences that you know of? The bike when I bought it was advertised as a genuine suzuki lt50
  4. Thanks dave, that's interesting, I had thought the linmax models used a premix arrangement for the 2 stroke oil and petrol tank, only suzuki uses a separate oil tank? Everything on the bike engine wise is stamped/embossed suzuki with the exception of the vin number not being of suzuki origin. Are there any other differences between the suzuki and linmax that you are aware of?
  5. I have recently purchased what I believe to be a suzuki lt50 for my kids, however, I have ran a check in the vin/frame (LWGZABL0040K00068) and it appears to be made by chongqing hyonsung. The bike looks identical to a suzuki lt50, it has the following: - separate fuel and 2 stroke tanks, no premixing - has suzuki 's' on the engine cover and also has 'suzuki made in japan' embossed on the engine - all parts/plastics look identical to a suzuki I have added some photos of the quad, can someone shed some light on this?

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