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  2. my ole big red has a separate dimmer switch but i got this kawasaki stripper down and that wire off those yellow buttons go to a separate computer board that shifts the trans its weird and it dont show in the serv manual. gonna have to jack it up in back jump it to start and go from there. thanks for your help and time
  3. i think it is stuck in gear jumt across the terminals on the solinoid and the starter engages . . still havent figured out the yellow buttons are the hi /lo for the lights is ion the switch to turn them on
  4. the starter will not go when you push the start button qdo i have to take the finders off to get to those switches to test them
  5. thank you the wheeler belongs to my daughter ans it has been stored for a while . i down loaded both service manual and owners manual . they are very helpful but they dont show one thing over by the start buttom abd light switch there are two yellow buttons s one for up one for down .is this for shifting the trans . i dont have a clue . and i cant seem to get the nuteral light no matter how much i move the shift peddle . thanks for your time in helping an old man
  6. i need to talk to someone that knows about them . and where and what to look for

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