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  2. thank you I have to go to work so I will check it tomorrow morning
  3. I'm curious if any of you know good places to ride in western mass in located in southwick MA right next to the suffield CT border and I'm having trouble finding good places to go riding for the day or a place you can camp and ride. any suggestions?
  4. update: so I puled the airbox and carburetor off, took apart and cleaned out the carburetor and jets which were slightly clogged so I cleaned and cleared the perforation holes and the inside of the jets in and out and I put it back together I noticed the fuel line connection that is connected to the top of the carburetor was gunked up with some dirt and grime, I cleared that out of all that out and I drained the gas tank through the gas line to make sure there was no dirt or anything in the tank. re attached everything and fired it up with full choke then I turned it down to half choke and the to no choke and it was running fine all of a sudden it started to back fire a bit then it shut off and had trouble starting again. I figured I flooded it a bit so I let it sit about a half hour and its still having trouble starting so I messed with the idle screw and it still wont run correctly. any idea on what I could do or what it could be?
  5. Hello everyone, I just bought a 2007 Honda recon 250es I am the second owner, before I purchased the quad the seller went through and cleaned the carb and made sure it ran. I rode it up and down the road the next day then it stalled in 4th gear now it will not stay running. I took the plastics off and tried turning the idle screw up and down once I got it running but it still backfires and shuts off. I drained the fuel from the gas tank ( the previous owner said it had about a 1/2 gallon of old fuel and he topped it off with fresh fuel) and charged the battery and I tried starting it again with the choke on and it will run for a bout 45 seconds to a minute and 30 seconds the nit dies out. anyone know what the problem could be?

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