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  1. then i guess it seems ike the 400ex is the right quad for me then?
  2. Awesome guys! i really appreciate the feed back! i know the cycle shoppe in my town has a 400ex up their last month. hopefully its still up there so i can go give it a test ride.. but apparently thats a good quad cause i know a couple people have previously owned one and they loved em. i just assumed they would be more money since its a 400 and all.. is it kinda sporty?... i kinda wanna stay from the utility aspect of ATV's because i want more performance than usability. that defines a true beast (yfz450).. lamo!
  3. i currently dont have a quad, i have two dirt bikes; a bored xr80r and a crf150 and basically, im tired of them. i go trail-riding with my friends alot but hate sitting back and watch them have fun on their quads while im stuck to long wheelies and small jumps. i use my friends lt230 ALOT... its a mid 80's suzuki and its pretty fun and fairly quick. its just that i dont want to tear his four-wheeler up.. so basically i want my own. i came pretty close to buying a yfz450 (2005) a while back but chickened out (5 thousand dollars intimidated me) -I WANT SOMETHING CHEAP AND FAST OR SLOW THAT CAN BE MADE FAST -not over 2000 -maybe a blaster? give me your feedback! thanks

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