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  2. just, checked yes, if this helps anyone else, great, or its very possible, that this model was not really a 2009, or that there were some major modifications to it. Anyhow AJMboy, thanks for the help, if anyone wants to check, at page 9-9 of the repair manual you posted, the wires match exactly with what is on this particular atv. The w/g, and w/r red wire lead to the pickup coil, and the restistance was 525 ohms, right in spec. And the w/bl and red wire led to the charging/rotor rotation direction detection coil, and resistance was just above .1 ohm, also right in spec....using this i can now condemn the cdi.
  3. AJmboy, having looked at that repair manual, the wire colors match. I'll recheck the resistance values, but they look close iirc. thanks for posting that, i'll check back once I check again.
  4. Thanks AJmboy, ill check them out, any idea how i can further confirm which year it may be?
  5. guys, I created this account to seek some help, I am a master certified car mechanic, and am working on my friends 2009 yamaha big bear 250 2wd. It has a no spark/ intermmitant spark issue. I have purchased the yamaha repair manual pdf. Now my problem is that there seems to be a discrepancy between what the repair manual says, and what wire colors actually are on the vehicle. I have called yamaha, and they were no help. Also the dealer where she bought the 4 wheeler was bought out last year, and the new dealer has no repair records. ok, so down to business. I found a bad spark plug cap, and replaced it, but I am still not getting a pulse to the primary side of the coil. According the manual the next step is to check the pickup coil resistance, and then the source coil resistance. ( see picture) the pickup coil is the w/g, and w/r wire, with a resistance of 189-231 ohms (these wires appear to be correct) and the source coil is Br(own) and B(lack) i think. with a resistance of 270-230. The problem i am running into is the source coil color of wires are not matching what is in the repair manual, so i am not sure what i am testing. I ended up following the wires all the way into the stator housing. The w/g, and w/r wires go to what appear to be a pickup coil (see picture). in total there are 7 wires, coming from the stator housing, the w/g,w/r which i beleive are the pickup coil wires, 3 white wires, which I think are the 3 phase generator wires going to the rectifier, and lastly there is white/blue wire, and a solid red wire which I think should be the source coil (i do not know what a source coild is or does exactly nor what one is supposed to look like), but they also trace back to the stator windings, but are seperate from the 3 whites (see pictures). Also after the connector (see picture, the white blue wire now becomes a w/g wire that splices together with the other white green wire, then these wires now totalling 3, w/g, w/r, and red go into the cid. When I test the wires, the resistance to the pickup coil(?) is way high, and the resistance to the source coil(?) is about 0 ohms. Can anyone confirm, or steer me in the right direction for diagnosing this thing? I really appreciate your help. the only other question i have is that I'm not sure i could truly confirm that this is a 2009 model. It says it is on the emissions sticker, and the vin on the title says it is, but no where on the frame could I actually find a vin stamped, any help with this is also appreciated.

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