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  2. I have copied your response and are in the process of sending to my mechanic.
  3. The speedometer/odometer is not digital...it was a cable issue and that & the brake problem have been fixed, or I think so....hasnt moved to see if they work or not....i have questioned mechanic about it possibly jumping timing, he says it has not....he is gonna put in a new voltage regulator now....
  4. I bought a used 2001 Kodiak 400 4x4 Camo recently and my plans were to make this ATV into a Prescribe Burning ATV Unit...it cranked and ran great when I got it.... I knew it had a brake problem and a speedometer/odometer problem....I used the bike for three weeks off and on and then I did some work around Perry Florida and on the next to last day the ATV started to act funny about cranking and switching off...after cutting the bike off to do some work, I returned twenty to thirty minutes later and it would not crank....it would try to start but then it would back fire....well I loaded it up and took it to a local ATV repair shop and left it for repair....its now been two months and the problem has not been solved...put a new (rebuilt Yamaha) carburetor in, new coil, new battery, drained fuel tank and put new fuel in, new spark plug, checked timing, checked compression, etc...still try's to start but backfires.....need some help here at [email protected]

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