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  2. So I did adjust the clutch and still have the same issue. Today I installed new clutch plates and springs and still have the same problem. Any other suggestions or thoughts?
  3. I have the problem I have is, is there a starting point for for the screw? In other words, it says loosen the locknut and turn 1/8th of a turn and right the nut. Should I just keep doing this until I see a difference or should the screw be in a certain position before adjusting
  4. Thank you for the help. So, what would I need to do to make it engage?
  5. Thank you for the help. I have not taken the clutch back apart yet. I forgot to mention it will also roll when pushed when in any forward gear just like it was in neutral. Reverse still works perfectly fine and cannot be pushed while in neutral. Does this help diagnose any issues, or give any more ideas of what exactly needs to be fixed?
  6. Hello, I recently bought a 1998 big bear 2x4 for a cheap project. When purchase it started and ran but only caught a couple of forward gears and reverse but could “cycle” through all gears. After reading through some forums, I found a clutch adjustment forum which leads me to my problem. I now can only “cycle” down and up one gear. What have I missed and what do I need to do to fix it? In case you can’t tell, I have never worked on an atv or hell anything for that matter, but you never learn if you don’t try! Thank you in advance for the help!

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