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  1. Of all the things, it turned out to be a faulty spark plug. I have been riding ATV's and dirt bikes for 30 years and in all that time I have never had a spark plug go bad. This Grizzly had 60 hours on it when the plug went bag - I have to assume it was just a quality defect in the manufacturing of the plug. Very random in my opinion.
  2. My Grizzly started dying in the middle of riding it. Most of the time it was as I was decelerating or idling. It did this for a while and I thought it was just bad fuel. I had siphoned out most of the tank and put fresh fuel in it thinking this would fix it. However, after riding it some with the fresh fuel it was still doing it. Last night it died and I couldn't get it restarted. The battery is 8 years old so I thought maybe this was not keeping enough charge so I put a brand new battery on it. Still nothing. I pulled the spark plug to find I had zero spark. Does anyone have the service manual that walks you through all the steps you are to take when you aren't getting spark? I was just going to go back to the coil next and keep tracing my way back. I'm not sure what resistance should be at the coil nor exactly how to test it. Also not sure how to test the plug to make sure that is good. Any help you guys could lend would be greatly appreciated.

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