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  1. We're hosting the Southern Monster Truck Showdown on June 18 & 19, 2010 at the Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center in Gainesville, GA. We're looking to see if there is any interest in adding some ATV racing to the show? We can make it flat track or add some small jumps, whichever those who are interested want to go. We're willing to put up some prize money, thinking $250 to win each night, but we'll only offer it if there are people committed to showing up. There would be no entry fee, just need at least 4 riders to put it on. (Tried to offer it about 18 months ago here and only had one rider show up, so obviously, it was LAME for the audience - not the rider's fault that showed up, but it's just not cool unless there are several riders, you know.) If you're interested, PLEASE send me your thoughts and a way to contact you back. Please email it directly to [email protected] so I get your message ASAP. Got a few more days to make a decision, so let me hear from ya! BTW, monsters will include Bearfoot, Bounty Hunter, Monkey'n Around, Outtacontrol and Alien Attack, so you'll get to see a cool monster truck show too! Hope there is interest, would really like to add this to the show. Thanks!!
  2. Only about 2 weeks away, here is some final information you may need: The rules, classes and payouts have been posted on the facility's website directly. Visit The Florida Parishes Arena Online and look under their Event Calendar for the Kajun Mudfest on March 14&15. Friday, March 13th is just for arrival and setup, there will be NO RACING on Friday. Saturday AND Sunday, pit gates will open for entries at Noon. Racing will start at 7 pm on Saturday and at 2 pm on Sunday. These are 2 separate days of racing, there is no "carry-over", so if you don't do so hot on Saturday, give it another shot on Sunday, or if you do very well, take the money both days! We've added the "Miss Kajun Mudfest" swimsuit contest on Saturday evening. This will be a fun contest, nothing to take too serious. Entry is free, and all we ask is that PG-rated suits are worn as there will more than likely be a lot of kids around. Winner will receive $100 and lots of prizes, so bring the cheering sections as the audience will pick the winner! We'll be onsite from March 2nd all the way through the event date, so if you have questions and want to give me a call, you can reach me March 2nd or after at (985) 748-5914. Look forward to seeing you there!! Gale
  3. This was just officially announced, so I wanted to let you know the dates and some of the details so you can mark your calendars! (We have a meeting after the first of the year to finalize the details and a website will be up shortly thereafter as well.) The "Kajun Mudfest" will be hosted at the Florida Parishes Arena in Amite, Louisiana on the weekend of March 13-15, 2009. This event will feature 2 side-by-side mud racing pits under the covered arena. There will be classes for ATV's and trucks. Also planning something for the kids, which will also be announced at a later date. Entry and admission fees will be kept reasonable and there will be very nice cash prize purses for winners. We want this to be an event that you want to support year after year. We've already reserved the next 5 years' dates as we're that confident that this will become a huge weekend! RV parking spaces are available, over 30 that have water and power and lots more where you can stay and run a generator. The facility has very nice showers and locker rooms too. We'll take reservations after the first of the year and will hold the spaces with power and water for those wanting to stay 2 or more nights. Single night stays will be first-come, first-served, while available. Like I said, I'll post more details after the first of the year, just wanted to give you all the "heads-up" so you can make plans to bring the whole gang! Happy Holidays!!
  4. This has been posted under events for a while and you can check there for more info. ATV racing to be held during Southern Monster Truck Showdown in Gainesville, GA on October 24, 25 & 26. Our website has rules posted, which are VERY easy to meet, Southern Monster Truck Showdown I have the cash in hand, trophies are here waiting on you, COME 'N GET IT!!! Can I get some replies from anybody who is planning to come? Need to get an idea of a headcount. See ya there!
  5. This is only 3 weeks away now, make sure you get pre-registered! Thanks!!
  6. Registration is now open for the ATV racing competitions at the Southern Monster Truck Showdown event in Gainesville, GA, October 24, 25 & 26, 2008. Hosted at the Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center at 1855 Calvary Church Road (a nice, covered arena), this show features some pretty wild monster truck action, of course, but this year also includes 2 classes of flat-track ATV racing ("Youth" for ages 12-17 and "Adult" obviously for those 18 & over) Entry fee is $20 per racer, per date. All entry fees will become part of the purse, with 100% payback plus $250 added per class, per date. 1st through 3rd will be paid 50-30-20% respectively. You may enter 1, 2 or all 3 days, whichever you prefer, but pre-registration is HIGHLY recommended as we can only accept up to 20 racers per class, per day. To pre-register, send your name, hometown, date of birth and which day(s) you want to race to [email protected] We will have some tech rules to keep things fairly even, but this will be fairly loose. We will require ALL riders to be wearing appropriate racing attire and gear (no tshirts, jeans or sneakers, etc.) Also, we run a "drama-free"ra show at all cost! No unsportsmanlike behavior or profanity, please, we have a lot of children in our audiences! Come with the intention of having a lot of fun and maybe winning some money! Gates open to to the public Friday and Saturday at 6 pm with shows at 8 pm. There will be a mandatory driver's meeting at 7 pm Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, gates open to the public at Noon, mandatory driver's meeting at 1 pm, show begins at 2 pm. Make sure you're there in time for the driver's meeting, as you cannot race unless you attend. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us, we don't get the chance to check the boards often enough. Look forward to seeing you there!!

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