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  2. Ok i'll change the oil! Let you know the result. Other thing related to my machine, since i clean the carb, when I start it idle speed seems good but when I put it in speed, my quad move foward alone slowly - i suspect my idle screw do you think it could be that?.
  3. Yes it is getting hot.... but i though it was normal. Are you talking about the engine oil and the engine oil filter or should i check some other filter?
  4. Hi, I just restart my old Honda TRX 200 1984 from my garage, I clean the carb but a new sparkplug and start it with a car booster battery (battery was dead). It start and i'm able to ride but sometime i'm just hearing a little "click" sound and when I heard that in same time the motor seems wanted to stop and immediattely after everything seems to work. Does someone could let me know where my problem could be? The Coil, the cdi....

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