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  2. Thanks I wish I would have known that I sold the quad I just couldn't figure it out thanks for your info I will remember that
  3. Thanks it seems the 97model is a animal all to its own the lt-f250 manual does not address it very well at all thanks for your help
  4. sorry guys for the spelling it is running rich I have st the metering jet to the top so it is as leane as it can be I put a carb kit in it not oem and I think the jets are to big and I am trying to find out what the stock jet should be and where to buy them I have the air screw at 2 7/8 turns out the atv runs great for about a 1/2 hour then you can feel it not running right black out the tail pipe and when I pull the plug it looks like soot covered not wet at all just black soot if anyone knows anything I can do I would be so happy thanks dan
  5. Hello my 1997 Suzuki atv is running rick I want to put oem jets in it and I cant seem to find any or when I find them there are different sizes can anyone help

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