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  1. Picking up the new alarm box today.believe it or not the ebay seller gave a complete refund including the expedited shipping costs on the boxes that I already purchased.
  2. Will do.i think it's gonna come down to the alarm box.being the "reverse" light stays on regardless of which gear it's in. Sent from my Z982 using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks bud.i think if I put the inductive lead from my timing light on it it will show the same thing.it should stop strobing when it looses spark Sent from my Z982 using Tapatalk
  4. The carb has been removed and cleaned by a professional.It is confirmed clean and all the passages are clean as with the jets.i still feel it's electrical/ignition that's causing the problem.One thing I have noticed is that the reverse light stays on even though the bike is not in reverse.
  5. Tore into the carb again and it is spotless,it seems like a rev limiter is causing it to act this way or weak spark.plus the whole thing with the kill switch only working backwards("run" kills it and "stop" gives spark) I posted a video of it running and me trying to rev it,but the sound quality sucks. Sent from my Z982 using Tapatalk
  6. The float is plastic,so I'm not sure how to adjust it.the main and pilot jets are good and clean.also the plug was black and sooty in appearance.the pick of the plug looks gray but it's actually black
  7. So I bought this 1989 fourtrax 300 2x4 as a non running quad(no spark).finally got the thing to spark yesterday accidentally,by pushing the starter button while the kill switch was off.(I was holding the coil wire and it shocked me).so low and behold the kill switch for some reason works backwards.anyway it started up but runs terrible.it will sit and idle for as long as you let it,but as soon as the throttle is touched it boggs,and dies.thought it was a fuel issue,so I verified clean fuel source and flow from the tank.also cleaned the needle valve and jets in the carb,but that didn't help at all.if you very carefully apply throttle it will run and move but if you get past 25-30% throttle it will start popping out of the exhaust and loosing power.
  8. IT RUNS!!!!! Like crap,but it makes spark and starts. The issue was the CDI,and the new one I ordered from eBay was the wrong one DC I think.went to a local bike shop explained the issue and showed the box from eBay,and he immediately told me I had the wrong CDI unit.thank you fellas for all the help and input.
  9. So I can verify the:green(ground) Red(constant possitive) Black(switched possitive) On the rectifier are good,however no continuity on the yellow wires from the other side of the rectifier.they also do not short too ground.could this be the issue?
  10. I think I may have found the problem.i have a bl,gr,and Rd wire going to the rectifier.the black wire(if I remember correctly) did not have 12v. If that is right then the voltage stops at the rectifier.
  11. It is and the switch is functioning correctly
  12. Removed wire harness last night and took sheathing off.was very wet inside the sheathing,so today when I get a break I am going to look at all the multi joint connectors,to see if I can see corrosion or oxidation.
  13. Just to add more info.the previous owner stated he was riding the quad and it died.had it pulled home and began to diagnose it.the guy didn't have the proper equipment to do this so he removed the stator cover and took it to a shop for diagnosis.shop told him he had a bad stator,and tried to sell him a stator.when I got the quad I ordered a stator CDI and coil.both stators ohm correct as with the pickup/trigger coils.
  14. And yes I have checked the stator magnets and the piece on the outside of the flywheel that triggers the pickup coil.also hooked a test light to the bl/y wire from the pickup coil and the light pulsed while cranking.

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