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  1. Soni metrix

    My Parts Quad

    Same as my main quad but just for parts.
  2. Exactly how does the automatic clutch and the gears work on the LT-F250 4x4. Do you put it in gear and open the throttle to get moving? Then what do you do to change gears and gear range while on the move?
  3. I have decided that I want to get an early quadrunner, but I have seen some posts that refer to different models. Was there a 2-stroke and 4-stroke version? Was there a 4x2 and a 4x4 version? Was there an automatic and manual version? Was there a diff lock and non-diff lock version? What options were available for the gearbox? When did the LT-F250 get named an Ozark or is it different again? I am getting confused and it is difficult to find definitive answers. Can anybody help???

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