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  2. hey, was wondering how many teeths the front and back sprocket is stock?
  3. i just changed over to the stock off road tyres, and i must say that it rides so much better. even on pavement. the ones that was on it when i bought it was slick pavement tires, but every bump and tracks in the road made it "all over the place" also i had much better controll over the quad with the dirt tires. so im very happy now
  4. oh yeah, after adjusting the toe in at -1mm, its a different world to drive. thanks guys.
  5. thanks, that is just what i need. but i just whent for a test ride after i changed the toe, i just eyeballed it. it was alot better, but im gonna do it again tomorrow following that video.
  6. after a quick inspection, it has very much toe out on the right wheel.
  7. okay, ive just had a ride on it, and even tough ive never ridden one before, this cant be this unstable. ive checked up on the owners history and it had been sold fairly quickly from person to person, so i think that is the reason. the problem is that it shoots side to side and wander very much from side to side. i had it up to 60kmh and that was very dangerous, its like it hops a few cm to one side even tough i am keeping it straight. im gonna google some and fix this problem. if you guys have any suggestions i would appriciate it.
  8. ive already bought the 700, im picking it up tonight:)
  9. yeah, now its between the yfz450 and raptor, i really want reverse, so im leaning towards the 700.
  10. thanks guys, ive been researching and narrowed it down to honda or yamaha, the yfz450, trx 450 and raptor 700.
  11. hi, so i decided that i want a quad. and i want a sport quad. so, i want to be able to ride it on the road and offroad and such, nothing crazy. i dont know were to start, like how many cc? automatic, 2 or 4 stroke, 2wd-4wd, brand, and so on. i dont want to have a beginner model and work my way up, i want the baddest and best now:D ive been thinking of dirtbike first, but when my coworker expalined about how many times you must change oil i thought he was kidding but no. so i hope its not the same on the quad motors. thanks for any input...

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